Bais Mordechai

About Us

The Story

Bais Mordechai was founded in 2004 by a special man named Motty Winkler zt”l. Motty was a man who saw the good, the potential, and the shechinah in everyone he met. When Motty paired up with Rabbi Smith, he spoke of big dreams of having a Torah center where any yid, regardless of their background, could learn and grow. Today we have a Bais Medrash known as Bais Mordechai of Hollywood, named after Motty z”l.

The Mission

Bais Mordechai was established in West Hollywood, Florida with the mission to create a Torah environment for people from every background: single, married, Yeshiva bachurim, career oriented professionals, and anyone in between. Here at Bais Mordechai everyone has a chance to enhance their day with the warmth of learning.